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Daily Origami: 342 - Triceratops

Просмотры: Добавил: Fedor Fedor 
Описание материала:

Origami: TriceratopsDesigned by: Makoto YamaguchiMade by: Heather----------Today's origami lesson is three hundred and forty-two in the series. Today we will continue our series of different animals and bugs. We are going to finish up some dinosaurs and then go on to some fun animals before we finish up with bugs - just in time for summer! These dinosaurs are part of a really great kit that I found here in Japan. It comes with little stickers for the eyes and a cool fold out stage for you to play with your dinosaurs on. The fourth dinosaur is the Triceratops.

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:19:46
Автор: happypuppytruffles
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